KLIF History Part 3

Chapman accepted, but McLendon intervened claiming ownership to the “Irving Harrigan” name. Chapman was never quite enamored by the name anyway, so he changed his on-air name. He toyed with “Rock” and “Rob” and then settled on “Ron” Chapman. (Ron’s real name is Ralph Chapman.) McLendon brought in two new “Charlie and Harrigan’s” and it was business as usual.

The next generation of “Charlie & Harrigan” was Jack Auldridge and Brice Armstrong.

Later, Jack Woods returned in his role of Charlie Brown teaming this time with Paul Menard. 

When this version of C&H was leaving, Ron Chapman (at WFAA TV at the time) came back to KLIF for a few weeks to do the morning show.  For a few days Chapman joined Woods and Menard and then did the show solo for a few weeks while KLIF awaited the return of Ken Dowe who had gone to Atlanta. Chapman did the morning show for those few weeks while doing his television work in the afternoon at  WFAA.  

Chapman and Woods re-teamed once more in August, 1970 for a KLIF “Family Portrait” DJ reunion for one morning.  Chapman was at KVIL by then.  

In 1975, Woods and Menard returned to KLIF for the last and final run of Charlie and Harrigan at KLIF.